Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions our customers ask. If you have any further enquiries please contact us.

Are imported floats safe?

There are many floats now being brought into WA and some are very unsafe in the structure and materials used. Have someone who understands how important it is to carry a heavy load to ensure your horse is not a victim of poor quality.

Fibreglass flooring, is it better than wood?

Yes it is a superior flooring material as it will not decay or rot, it is lighter, it has no joins, and the destruction test proved it to be much stronger than the F34 armour ply. Simply the honey comb fibreglass will be as strong in 30 years as it is today, so in terms of a horse float floor it is the best system available.

Load share suspension, why is it the best?

Load share suspension does just that it shares the entire weight of the float and horses and distributes the weight evenly over all tyres. This is a much softer ride for your horses and improves tyre life. No matter how uneven the ground may be this system always is in touch with the ground. The load share suspension is also a very quiet and smoother ride for your horses.

How important is hot dipped galvanised chassis?

The process of hot dipped galvanised chassis is that the chassis is full manufactured and all welding completed, then the chassis is dipped in to a hot bath of galvanised solution and therefore protecting the chassis from rust that can have a devastating effect on a chassis.

Is the two year unconditional warranty a true unconditional warranty?

Yes it is exactly as it states 2 year, no conditions, no tricks. Simply 2 year unconditional.